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Group Meditation

Your health is more than just physical.

We know that you are more than just your body. We like to address all parts of your overall wellness, including healing your mind from whatever is holding you back and healing your soul with deep human connections. Mind Stretch, our weekly guided meditation class, is an amazing introduction to mediation for beginners, and a calm and easy practice for those with more experience. Sharing this time to breathe, relax, and focus can be life-changing.

We also offer coaching services as a part of your personal training program so that we can help you reach all of your goals from the inside out. This can include goal-setting, digging deeper into  your roadblocks and limiting beliefs, guided meditation, mindfulness exercises, or whatever we decide together best meets your needs.

Our yoga instructor is also available for private guided meditation, breathwork, yoga or chair yoga sessions, as well as reiki energy work, Trauma Release Movement Therapy, and CranioSacral Therapy. Healing your mind helps strengthen your body.

Your nutrition matters.

Wellness is multi-faceted and what you eat plays a huge role in how you feel, how your body performs, what you get out of your workouts, and how your mind and body are able

to work together.

We offer individualized  nutrition counseling to help you determine what changes in your diet will help you heal and grow from the inside out. We offer sustainable, practical advice that you can quickly put to practice. We will help you find out what works best for you and support you in making daily changes with lasting results.

Food Ingredients in Bowls

Recover and Restore with Massage

Rest and recovery are just as important to your health as your physical fitness, good nutrition, and a strong mind. Our massage therapist has a wealth of experience with many types of massage including deep tissue and Swedish massage. These treatments can help you reduce pain, heal from injuries, and prevent future injuries. Not to mention, it's essential to take time for yourself to feel good and be taken care of.

We are now also offering Gua Sha facial sculpting, a combination of massage and the use of jade tools that help to improve face and neck circulation, release sinus pressure and relieve symptoms of TMJ.

Click below or call us at 785-917-8344 to book an appointment.

Massage Pricing

Chair Massage                                $ 25
30 Minute Massage                        $ 50

60 Minute Massage                             $ 85

90 Minute Massage                             $110

Gua Sha (15 minutes)                         $ 25
Gua Sha (30 minutes)                     $ 50

Ask us about discounts for current training clients or multiple massage packages!

Reaching Out

Trauma Release Movement Therapy

The body remembers what the brain cannot. By using a combination of breathwork, somatic movements and postures, as well as verbalizations, the body can release long held traumas. 

Mentally and physically expressing trauma helps it to be processed fully and completely. TRMT can be helpful in decreasing persistent pain in the physical body as well as recovering from emotional or spiritual pain.


There are five sessions over five weeks to complete the TRMT process. Each session is structured to help unlock trauma at every level. This is a transformative experience that has a lasting impact.

Sessions are $100 apiece, or $450 if you purchase all 5 upfront.

Please wear comfortable and loose clothing and bring a journal or notebook.


Our wonderful massage therapist, Marta Schwartz-Calderon, brings her wealth of experience and expertise to offer you CranioSacral Therapy to our menu of services. CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a light-touch approach that releases tensions in the structures involving your central nervous system, the soft tissues and fluid that protect your brain and spinal cord. CST releases those tensions to allow the entire body to relax and self-correct which then eliminates pain and stress.


Marta was trained by the Upledger Institute and has 3 decades of experience in CST.

The cost for CST is $50 per 30 minute session and $85 for a 60 minute session. Click the button below to make your appointment now!

Reiki Treatment
Reiki Therapy

Soul Essence Retrieval

The wonderful and talented Marta Schwartz- Calderon is now pleased to offer a unique treatment called Soul Essence Retrieval. Often when we experience trauma, either physical or emotional, afterwards, we have the sense that we are not the same. Symptoms include: Not really feeling present in day-to-day life; fatigue; lack of joy; physical aches and pains; depression and crying episodes. With intention and compassion, we work together to call back your Soul/Spirit essence utilizing gentle hands-on techniques and a guided meditation process known as journeying. Soul Essence Retrieval can also be added to any Bodywork Session and the cost is $85 for 60 minutes.

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