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Why Tallgrass?

Growth, change, and healing are the core of who we are and what we strive to help you achieve. We believe that it’s important to evaluate each client from a holistic mindset, discovering what thought patterns, belief systems, and behaviors may be detrimental to reaching your goals.

When we meet with you to discuss what you want for your life and how we can help facilitate that growth and change, we work to get to the root of who you are as an individual and what may be influencing your ideas about who you are and who you “should” be. Do you want to lose weight because you want to care for and nourish your body, or because society has told you that you should hate the body you have or that the way you are isn’t good enough? Do you want to build muscle because you enjoy feeling strong and mobile, or because you tell yourself that you’re weak and inadequate? These differences are important and crucial to your success over the long term. We want you to be excited to create lasting change from the inside out and dig a little deeper into what pushes you forward and encourage you to make love and compassion for yourself your driving force. 
So, why Tallgrass? We’ve all seen grass fields being burned in the spring. Many farmers do this to burn away the remnants of past crops to make room for new growth. That is Tallgrass in a nutshell. We want to see you burn away everything that’s holding you back so you can grow back stronger than you’ve ever been, in every aspect of your life. We’re so excited to meet you and for YOU to meet a totally different version of yourself that you’ve never met before!

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